In a democracy supposedly everyone counts. But if you can’t communicate with state government, something fundamental is broken.

For three years, I’ve sent articles/reports/letters I’d written/co-written on climate change, a green economy, sustainability to the New Jersey Governor’s Office and four state agencies — 25+ times.

These ideas were developed…

12 Ideas for Sustainable Jersey’s “Next 10 Years”

This past Tuesday, Sustainable Jersey (SJ) held a “Listening Session” in Maplewood, New Jersey the first of three they will be holding around the state. SJ is a non-profit, residing within The College of New Jersey. They set criteria for, and certify…

New Jersey Now “Gets” Climate Change. What We Are Still Missing: “From Government and Really Helping”: Part 3

By Matt Polsky

The first two articles of this Series, see here and here, discussed ideas and gave recommendations about opportunities to address climate change about which we’re not hearing enough of…

matt polsky

Long time sustainability change-agent. Ph.D. student Erasmus University’s Program in Sustainability. Columnist for Sustainable Brands.

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